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Our FIVE Year Before and After Home Tour!

A five year before and after tour our home!

Join me as I share a before and after tour of our house! We’ve lived here for five years now…can you believe it? 

I love looking back to see how much everything has changed over the years…it’s so fun to see the result of all of my DIY projects and updates. 

It has been a labor of love to transform our spaces and it’s been so fun to share it with you along the way!

I’ll share links to the biggest projects in these rooms, but if you have a question about something in particular, let me know in the comments. 

The very first space I worked on was our powder room. This is how it looked soon after moving in: 

floral wallpaper bathroom

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Our pantry makeover was one I tackled this year as well, and it started out with this open shelving: 
open shelving in pantry

I tore everything out (and kept it for a future project) and installed cabinets instead: 

gray cabinets shelves in pantry
tall cabinets in pantry

The pantry is one of my all time favorite changes I’ve made to either of our homes! Having everything in the cabinets calms me when I walk in. 🙂 It’s been so much easier to keep organized as well. 

I recently made some small updates to our foyer — here’s a shot of how it looked from the door before: 
foyer with small hallway
striped blue white wallpaper
craftsman door with windows

This was how the other side looked at first: 

blue dresser in entryway
It was lovely, but I love adding some character! So I added some simple, inexpensive trim swapped the entry tables and spray painted that mirror: 
wood Everett table foyer
My closet makeover was another huge DIY project this year! It is a GREAT size, but wasn’t super functional: 
wire shelving in closet

I built and installed the IKEA Pax wardrobes and created a custom closet that fits my needs perfectly!:

Ikea pax closet makeover
Our white and gray kitchen hasn’t seen any massive projects, but there have been a TON of smaller ones! I shared a bunch of the small kitchen updates in one post, but I did finish up a big one late last year. 

Here’s how our kitchen looked early on: 

white cabinets gray island
large butcher block island

Here’s another view with the simple shelves I hung after moving in: 

gray island in kitchen
built out sides on island
Our mud/laundry combo is one of the hardest working rooms in our house, but I knew it could function even better for us. 

We had a simple folding table on one end of the room: 

laundry with folding table

We also had the cabinets moved over above the new storage: 

blue drawer cabinets white uppers
cyberspace cabinets floral wallpaper

We already had a really nice bench and storage on the other side: 

faux marble tile 12x24
mud room cubby with shoe drawers

The bedrooms our home have gotten some DIY updates as well. Our bedroom started out bright and light thanks to all of our great windows: 

green DIY office bookcases

I absolutely love all of the warm colors and textures in here. It’s a lovely place to work! 

Our dining space is open to the family room and kitchen and I knew exactly what I wanted to build in here before we even moved in:

open casual dining room

That deep blue Cyberspace color is my favorite! I’ve used it as an accent throughout our main level. 

We replaced the light fixture a couple months ago when I realized this white and brass shade pendant that I’d been lusting over for YEARS had gone on major sale. 

But it got even better, because after ordering, they actually refunded me some of my payment and I ended up getting it for 75 percent off! 

This room needed some curves to soften it a bit…we just love it. 

OK, I’m wrapping up this tour with two of our favorite rooms! Our family room is what made me fall in love with this house: 

tall centered fireplace

I was hooked when I walked in and saw the ceiling height and those great windows. 

dark trim on tall fireplace

I still smile when I walk in this room, I’m so happy with it!

Our basement is our absolute favorite place to spend our time. I’ve worked on SO many projects to transform that space.

Here’s a long wall in our basement before: 

empty family room wall
movie room built in TV wall
The dark gray paint (Westchester Gray) and trim on the walls created a cozy/moody feel that we just love: 
Lazboy sectional with chaise

cozy comfy sectional family room
Last year I added a built in electric fireplace to an adjoining space and it really does help to warm up our basement: 

DIY electric fireplace build out

The kitchenette is next up down here and I’m SO EXCITED. I’ll share the plan and progress very soon!

I hope the changes I’ve made to our home inspire you to attempt new DIY projects or ideas. 🙂 

If you’ve used any of my tutorials, feel free to send me a photo of your project! I absolutely love seeing how you all customize them in your own homes. 

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