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How much does a new kitchen cost in 2022?

Additional costs 

As well as the cost of buying and installing lights, heating, units, and worktops, there are some additional costs that you might want to factor in. They might not all apply to your renovation, but it’s worth checking so that you can have a clear sense of your budget.

How much does it cost to remove a kitchen?

Before your new kitchen can be installed, your old one has to be removed and disposed of. The fee for this is typically between £300 – £500 to hire a skip and a professional removal company that will dispose of your old units. 

Sometimes, this service is included in the package when you hire builders to renovate your kitchen – it’s worth checking upfront.

Alternatively, if you want to avoid creating waste, and save yourself a bit of money, you could try and sell your old units online. If they’re in decent condition, you could get quite a bit of money back.

You may also want to hire a post construction cleaning specialist, to professionally clean your kitchen after the building works.

Do I need planning permission to install a new kitchen?

Unless your property is a listed building, in general, you will not be required to get planning permission for a new kitchen installation (if it’s in place of your old one). In this case, there will be no additional fees.

If, however, you are installing a new kitchen as part of a house extension, then it is very likely that you will need permission.

According to Planning Portal, the service that deals with all online planning applications, the cost to apply for planning permission is £206 plus £32.20 service charge (VAT). This totals to £238.20.

New kitchen floors

You might decide that your floor is looking worn down and in need of a renovation.

A popular choice for kitchen floors is tiling, which ranges in cost depending on quality and how intricate the pattern is. The average cost of floor tiles and installation in the UK is £100 per m2, but lower end tiles can cost around £30 – £50 per m2.

If you don’t want kitchen tiles, for a medium floor of around 16 m2, you could pay:

  • £300 to £400 to buy and install laminate kitchen flooring
  • £900 to £1000 to buy and install hardwood kitchen flooring
  • £400 to £450 to buy and install linoleum kitchen flooring
  • £150 to £250 to buy and install vinyl kitchen flooring

Remedial work 

You might also want to do other small jobs to help your kitchen come to life and feel brand new. 

In particular, you might want to hire a painter to freshen up the walls of your kitchen. Painters usually charge a day rate of around £230. For a medium-sized room, you could pay around £400. They should also be able to paint your ceiling, or wallpaper your kitchen walls.

Hire a skilled painter today. 

How much does a kitchen designer cost?

A kitchen designer can really help you make the most of your space, sharing tricks of the trade and solid advice that will turn your kitchen into a beautiful room you’ll love spending time in!

Hiring a kitchen designer can save you time and stress, and can ensure you get the best, long-lasting value for your new kitchen.

The hourly rate of a kitchen designer is between £125 and £250.

Designers sometimes ask for a deposit, which will usually be of around 50% of the total kitchen design price.

New kitchen appliances

You might want to change your kitchen appliances, to update them alongside your new kitchen. Buying more eco-friendly and energy-saving appliances is a popular way to cut back on energy bills and lower your carbon footprint.

You could buy:

Appliance Budget Average Luxury
Fridge £250 – £250 £500 – £800 £1,200 – £2,300+
Dishwasher £200 – £300 £400 – £600 £800+
Oven £150 – £200 £300 – £500 £1,000+
Microwave £50 £100 – £200 £450+
Hob £60 – £100 £200 – £300 £400+
Toaster  £15 – £20 £50 – £100 £200+
Kettle  £25 £60 – £80 £150+
Cost of kitchen appliances

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